Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Valerie got her Driver's Lisence today!!!!

I can't believe it, but Valerie got her Driver's license today! It was a bitter sweet moment for me....on one hand, it will be so nice to have another driver in the house, but on the other hand, I'm just sad because she is growing up from under my feet!!!! It reminds me of the book I have linked on my blog...."let me hold you longer"....I picked her up from work for the last time last night......she won't need me to take her places or pick her up!!!! sigh...anyway, it wa a bittersweet day for me...I took her before school to get it, so she drove her sis to school and it was so wierd to see them go!!!

Valerie started her Junior year on Monday and Catherine started her Freshman year!! Where does the time go!!! They were so cute the first day!! My camera was dead, so I had to use a when I get them developed, I'll post some picks of them!!!! I'm absolutely sure they are the most gorgeous girls at Stansbury High!!!! :)


  1. She's Driving???? Oh my...How sad :( I'm learning too that they grow up WAY TO FAST!!!

  2. I'm sure that you did have the two most Beautiful girls at Stansbury High. I'll try to keep my boy away from them!!

    I would have to agree, she has grown up way too fast!! She has turned into a beautiful young lady, I'm sure that you are proud as can be of her!!

  3. How fast they grow!! How fun and exciting and sad at all the same time. They are beautiful!!

  4. I love all of you!!!!! I agree with all of you!!!! Don't you wish we could just freeze time sometimes!!!! sigh....