Sunday, August 9, 2009

School Shopping fun!!! today was so much fun! My sister watched the little ones while Valerie and I hit the South Town mall for the ever fun school shopping! I have so many awesome memories of my mom and dad taking me school shopping to the University Mall in Orem every dad would hand us $200 and go hit a bench and read while my poor mom was stuck going in and out of stores with my sister and me. Well today, Valerie and I went by ourselves for the first time ever!!! We have always had the boys with us before and the last 3 years we've had little ones with us, so today it was a mom and valerie day.....I must say that it was fun to shop! I can't wait to lose weight so I can do some shopping of my own!!!! Shopping for little sizes is so much more fun!!! She got way cute things from Deb, Charolotte Ruse, Rue 21, and 5,7.9 (that used to be my fav store.....haven't been able to shop in that one forever!!!! We went out to eat at Panda express, then went to Abs to get shakes for my sis and her family for watching the little ones for so long! oh and did I mention we got awesome ideas!!!! If you want to find good deals go to love it! it always has coupons, and deals all over....we even got free dog food from target...the one place we didn't get to was Office max...i had a coupon for 1 penny!!!!! sigh....hopefully it will come up again!!! Anyway, I'm tired after a long, but fun day at the mall!!!

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