Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seeing the "Twin Towers" in action!

Ok, I've got your attention don't I? lol...We went to see Tyler and Michael play ball tonight. They are on a city league in Taylorsville. My friend at work nicknamed the boys twin towers because they are so tall....leaps and bounds above the other players usually! Tonight was no exception! They ROCKED!!!!! Michael had a lot of stuffs and blocks, and Tyler had lots of rebounds and points....They just dominate the court! It is amazing to watch them play together....They were slighted in high school by a coach who didn't utilize their talent, so it's nice to finally be able to watch it again!!!! Valerie was supposed to bring the camera, but forgot so Justus took some pics on his phone that he will email me and I'll post them on here. I as usual had a few screams at the refs tonight, but for the most part was good!!! My nephew plays on the team as well and did really well......all except for the technical he got.....but in his defense, the other team were hackers....never getting caught! :) I'm posting this after midnight so this will actually post for the 11th, but it really was the 10th!!!! We had fun after...we went to artic circle and is rare to have all the kids together....wish Thad were there!!!

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