Sunday, August 16, 2009

The panic of losing a child!

So today was really stressful...We took Catherine to the mall this week so we could school shop with her....We had to take Jackson which was a chore in itself...He has so much energy, and wanted no part of any of the stores. It was not fun for any of us involved. I left him with Cat to watch him on the quarter cars while I went into Famous footwear with valerie.....when I came out 3 minutes later, Jackson was gone, and Catherine had no idea where he was!!! Talk about the worst feeling going through a mother's mind! I was frantically looking and calling his name. There were several other parents who were helping me.....when after what seemed like an eternity...(3 minutes at the most), someone came and started pointing around the corner...I raced around the corner, and he wasn't I kept going....there he was in the entrance of Dillards.....with the perfume ladies stopping him from going further! Security was called off and my little boy was safely in my arms! What a relief! I'm so grateful that we found him safely and that he was in my arms again! It made me think of how God is waiting and wanting us to come home to Him safely! We are all here to be tested and tried...there are some of us who will be "lost" along the way.....If the rest of us all "frantically" seek to find each other as we did with Jackson, we can all find each other to bring us all safely back to our Master.

I hope that we can all be good shepherds so we can find our lost brothers and sisters!


  1. You always look on the bright side of everything Susan, I wish that I always as positive as you are! We lost Ky in Costco a few years ago. They shut down the whole store and called a code Adam. They found her several minutes later at the back of the store eating samples. Little TURKEY!! I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life... I feel your pain!

  2. How scary!!!! I know....I think it truly one of a parents worst nightmares!!!! I can totally see Kylie eating turkey in the back...she probably thought "what is the big deal mom!!" You are so awesome Shelly!!! I just love watching you with your kids!!! Thank you for being such a great example to us all!!!!!

  3. we lost Brycen at Lagoon last year- the place was PACKED!! I have never felt such fear and utter terror! I cried and cried- and when I finally had him in my arms- like 10-15 minutes later- I bawled even harder- it was awful!!

  4. Oh My...I can't even imagine! How scary for you!!! I'm so glad you found little Jackson safe and sound :)

  5. I lost Christopher for 5 minutes in June when we went to my grandfather's funeral. He was in the stairwell at the next building in the hotel we were staying at. When we finally found him- he kept saying "I didnt know where you were!" over and over. It was the most horrible experience because you know how much he means to me.
    Glad to know that Jackson is safe and maybe you could look into getting him a leash! LOL


  6. oh boy! It looks like I'm not alone in my panic!!! My heart went out to all of you as I was reading your comments!!!! It just goes to show you how precious life is and what a mom would do for her child!! I'm glad we all found our little ones...I just feel so bad for those who aren't that lucky....It makes me sick!!!!