Sunday, August 9, 2009

Afraid of bandaids????

Have you ever seen a child who is afraid of bandaids????? Well I have to say I think I have the ONLY child on the universe who is afraid of bandaids!!! My sis was watching Jackson tonight and he got a cut on his finger....she brought out the bandaids, and he threw a royal fit! She said he literally screamed until the bandaids were put away!!! Oh my ....Holland has gone through an entire box in one night I have the 2 opposite extremes!!!! one who loves them and one who hates them!!! Valerie asked Jackson if he wanted a bandaid after my sis told us this story, and he screamed no and started crying!!! If anyone has heard this, please let me know!!! Or I will assume I have the one and only child who doesn't think bandaids work miracles! :)

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