Sunday, May 8, 2011

top 10 reasons I love being a mom

10. having at least one child cuddle up in bed with me by morning time :)
9. watching my kids become what I saw in them
8. having grandchildren!!!
7. watching sporting events, music concerts,etc.
6. getting free unlimited hugs and kisses :)
5. waiting up to hear how a special date went
4. gaining sons and daughters in law
3. receiving sweet notes and pictures drawn by a little hand
2. knowing that their spirits are more mature than mine
1. knowing that God entrusted me with some of His greatest spirits.....and gave me an opportunity to have to me Life's greatest calling.....A MOM!!!!!!!!!!

I've been thinking about this a lot and especially this morning as I wake up to a mother's day....I think of my own mom who is the best example of selfless love of anyone I know.....I think of the hot breakfasts I woke up to everymorning, the way she was always there when I got home from school, the way she can make everything all right even when I thought my world had fallen apart...I hope that my children even through all the mistakes I have made being a mom can in some small way feel the same about me....even though they don't get hot breakfasts in the morning (we are lucky to get colds cereal as we rush out the door (my mom probably cringes when she comes to our home:)), and I'm not home when they get home from school (I got so mad at my mom one day when she couldn't make it home by the time I got home....yes I remember only once she wasn't there!). But I hope they know that I love them more than anything and would give my life at any point for each and every one of them! I love you so much Tyler, Michael, Valerie, Cat, Holland, and Jackson! And I love Jen and Bunny and Eli too!!!! Thank you for being a part of my posterity!!!!!


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