Sunday, December 26, 2010

what happened to the last 3 years????

So, something hit me today, and I realized it was harder than I thought it would be. As I was dropping Jackson off to nursery today, I realized this would be his last sunday going to the Sunday, my youngest would graduate to SUNBEAMS!!! NOOOOOOOOO I thought....wasn't it just yesterday Thad was driving an anxious me to LDS hospital as I was in hard core labor with who I knew would be Jackson? Wasn't it just yesterday, I was receiving a blessing from 2 young men who reminded me of my sons as I was panicked and worried about having a c- section? Wasn't it just yesterday after that same blessing, the doctor said let's give it one more try before goin to the OR and a beautiful, blonde, baby boy came into our lives? Wasn't it just yesterday he was whisked away, because of the long labor and the knots that were found in his cord? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was placed in my arms for the first time as I stared in "awe" at this beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed fair sking boy who looked just like my dad when he was a baby? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was learning to talk and said up for Yep??? Wasn't it just yesterday that after nursing forever, I said "I sometimes feel like a cow" and he looked up at me and said "moo" (that is a true story!) Wasn't it just yesterday he was going into the nursery for the 1st time as he just ran in and started playing, only to start crying everytime I took him in 2 weeks later!! Wasn't it just yesterday we would sit and "nurse" him to sleep? This year seems like big changes for this little (big) guy!!! And most of it in the last couple of months...He turned 3 in October and he was weaned of nursing a week later, got potty trained a month after that, and now moving on in nursery at church!!!! Awwww....time is a bittersweet heals wounds after we are hurt, but it also seems to slip away from us with a blink of an eye!!! It has done that a lot this year to me with Holland going to Kindergarten, Jackson going to preschool, my son getting married, and my other becoming a father, and Valerie being a senior in High school!!!!! So I'll end with one of my favorite quotes.....Time.....the most valuable thng a man (family) cand spend. Amen to that!!!!

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