Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Valerie's Junior Prom 2010!!!!

wasn't it just yesterday she was Holland's size???
valerie and james in front of the hummer limo!

the princess and her daddy!

so beautiful!

the girls showing their shoes! here is the deal. Valerie got asked to the Stansbury high school prom by this really great guy named Richard...a really great guy, or so we thought....about 2 weeks before the prom, he un-invited her.....I didn't even know you could do that!!! Well...the momma bear came out in me and I sent him this "message" on facebook telling him I thought he was better than that, and my huge disappointment....he responded and apologized, but just couldn't take her right now because he wouldn't have a good time trying to keep her ex-boyfriend away.....likely excuse, but oh well...I told him he wasn't good enough for her was ironic, about 2 weeks ago, he sent her a text finally apologizing for what he did.....I was glad he finally at least apologized, but guys....if you are reading this, or if you have teenage boys.....PLEASE>>>>>don't EVER do that to a girl! The problem was is she had turned down another guy because he had asked her after Richard did!!! sigh...well....she got asked like a week and a half again by a kid named James....he came and put a huge box full of shredded paper in her room and she had to pull out the ripped out paper that asked her to the prom! He seemed like a nice kid too....He ended up being "ok"...(hey I'm picky! If any of you have daughters, you will know that it is hard meeting the standards of a mom!!! ) So we went prom dress shopping the week before....we found this GORGEOUS dress on girl in bountiful was selling this "Cinderella" type dress.....$250 later, we bought it....that was the first and last dress she tried was like it was made for her!!!
So I think she had a great time for the most part....the day date was little weird...they went up the canyon...and I forgot to mention, he bought his ticket, but made her buy hers!!! What kind of cheap date is that? I guess I'm old fashioned!!! So anyway, they went with a group of kids....valerie was really uncomforable because the girls didn't like her....but she didn't let it ruin the night. She was by far the prettiest!!!!..they got a hummer limo!!!! They ate at rodezio grill....good thing she took her money because he didn't have enough for both of them, but at least he tried!! ;) He did buy their pics so that was good....They like only got to dance once and then they went to one of the girls houses for an after party....All in all she had a good time, but I hope this senior year one totally knocks her off her feet! She deserves to be treated like a all you princes out in Tooele.....I'm starting to take applications to take my daughter to the Prom! :)

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  1. Valerie is beautiful! Someday she will find her prince charming that will treat her like she deserves to be treated! :)

    It's a great reminder that I need to keep teaching my sons to treat girls like the princess' that they are!