Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thad and Susan are Grandparents!!!!! (yes...I know I'm posting this late!)

Tyler admiring his new newphew

Bunny...the proud mommy!!!

Grandpa Thad holding the one day old mirace!

Proud papa Michael...he couldn't stop smiling!!!

hee hee...I love this little expression!!!!

Ok.....I had really intended on blogging at LEAST once a you can see I haven't updated this since December!!! That is unacceptable!!!!!k.....sooooo I'm going to try to catch event at a time...they may not be in order, but hey....being 7 months overdue...who cares????? The event I'm choosing to first put up is the fact that Michael and Bunny are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy Eli Michael Cheatham, born April 29, 2010, at aprox. 6:01 p.m. He was 7 pounds 15 1/2 oz, and I think was 21 inches long...I'll have to edit this when I find out I'm wrong....( that is what you get when you don't do this when you are supposed to!!) He was/ is a beautiful baby, and we have had such fun with him!! I just can't believe Thad and I are grandparents....but yes, it is the best thing since having our own children!!! What is even funnier is the fact that he has a 5 year old aunt (Holland) and a 2 year old uncle (Jackson)!!! So funny!!! We had a lullaby composed for him a couple of weeks ago...I won a drawing off was awesome! We got to name it (Grandma and Grandpa Cheatham's Ode to Eli) is so beautiful and he just sat there and stared as I danced with him as he heard it for the first time....ahhh....what a wonderful time!!! He is smiling now and is happy for the most part, although Bunny would probably disagree with me when he is fussy....but he is awesome when we get to babysit.....I guess it helps that we have everyone fighting over who gets to hold him next!!! is wonderful to watch your own kids be parents!!! Michael and Bunny are wonderful parents!!!! We LOVE ELI MICHAEL!!!!!


  1. Yay...glad you are updating. Love all the new family pics and your little grandson is so cute!!

  2. Congrats on becoming grandparents :) I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I've missed hearing about your cute little family!! I got your comment, and unfortunately I missed Shelly this last time. Those pictures are the ones she took last year.