Monday, October 4, 2010

Who am I? What was I sent here to do?

What a happy day!!!!

I can't believe Michael and Bunny are parents!

me and my buddy!

Girls night out at the nutcracker!!!

loves from my cuddle bunny!
I'm soooooo grateful for the chance to raise God's children!!!!

I have been contimplating so much this past couple of years of what I want to do with the rest of my life! I have been at the same job for 15 years....and it really isn't something that I aspired to do my whole life! For 3 years, I have been really praying and soul searching of what my Heavenly Father sent me here to do. I have toyed with many different fields to go into. I really wanted to do lactation consulting, and really thought that it was "working" out. I had an opportunity this past year to train with a lacation consultant through my work. I was so excited! But my hopes and dreams were smashed down, when my boss basically told me it wouldn't work with my schedule. There are many other things that don't work with my schedule either....and those are much more important things.....being with my family!!!! I was thinking tonight what I wanted to post on facebook, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks!!!! I don't need to be searching anymore as to what I was sent here to do....I KNOW what I was sent here to do......well I probably don't know ALL that I was sent to do yet, but I DO know one thing and that is I was sent here as a daughter of God to be a mom to some of his most precious spirits.....It amazes me to think of the trust He placed in me from the first time I held each one of my beautiful children right after they came into this world to the different stages of thier lives....I feel like I have missed so much working outside of my home for the last 15 years....Don't get me wrong....Primary Children's has been my home away from home...i'm grateful for the opportunity that I have had to meet and work with so many wonderful people, but I long to be at HOME. My greatest happiness comes from the walls of our home...from hearing I love yous from Jackson, to getting silly and sweet notes from Holland, to sending my beautiful Valerie off on a date, to coming home to a clean refridgerator cleaned by Catherine as a suprise, to being able to watch my grandbaby smile, to watching my son's marry wonderful women in the temple......home is WHERE my heart is....and I know that it is where my role is! My prayers now will shift from what should I study in school to how can I BE at home more often....I'm not sure when the Lord will answer that prayer, but I know that He will answer it......not sure if it will be a means for me to quit my job, or maybe get less hours, or maybe even find work closer...I don't know the details yet....but I'm confident that the Lord hears and answers all ways that sometimes we can't comprehend. But for now...I will try to be patient.....and continue to enjoy the moments that take my breath away, or make me laugh, smile or cry....I love this life and journey that my Father in Heaven has given me! :)


  1. Awww I LOVED your post! Your one of the greatest mothers I know! I miss your sweet need to stop in and say hi :)

  2. Super! Aren't you so at peace to feel the answer come? I will pray for you to find those answers. Our families need and long for us to be a part of their lives.

  3. What an Amazing post from an Incredible mother! I have often questioned my decission to stay home especially now that my kids are both in school. After reading your post I am even more certain that I have made the right choice. I have always found joy in my journey as a stay at home, and I know how blessed I am, but I often envy mothers like you that are able to balance both. I hope that you are able to receive the answers that you are looking for! :)