Sunday, October 25, 2009

Valerie's first Homecoming dance!!!

ok, so I'm a week late on this....we had too many things that happened last weekend to post them all, so I'm finally getting around to posting a very important day in Valerie's life.....her first homecoming dance!!! It started 2 weeks before when us girls (bunny, cat, val and I) went to shop for that "perfect" dress. I took some time off during the day from work....what a blast! We went to 3 different places and ended up buy the dress she found at the first place "Modest by Design"....and can I just say to all you girls and moms out there.....there are choices for beautiful MODEST dresses!! I loved this place's slogan...."clothes your father would approve of".....she looked like an absolute princess in this dress as you can see in the pics!

So back to the dance day, (Oct 17,2009). She and Justus went on a day date with her bro michael and his wife bunny...they went to the Gateway Mall and saw the movie Stepfather. They had a great time there...Then it was time to get ready for the big dance.....Let's just say we came home with a day of shopping with the little ones and Cat, and there was Justus's family sitting outside in front of the house....I guess they had been wait for an hour to take pics.....(hey, it takes time to get ready for a dance right???? lol) So I went in and Bunny was still doing her hair. When she walked out, I got tears in my eyes.... Icouldn't believe that was my daugher......wasn't she like 2 yesterday??? Now she was about ready to go to a dance!!! I can still remember my first dance like it was yesterday!!! So as you can see we took tons of pics, and sent them on thier was an awesome night...dinner at stanza's a nice restaurant in tooele, then to the dance.....It was fun to hear the stories when they got home....then the next day they went to church in their attire....they make such a cute couple!!! I love these days with my kids!!! Enjoy every minute of every stage (yes even the terrible 2's)....they don't listen to you and grow up right under your feet!!! Love you Valerie!!!


  1. Valerie is beautiful!! :) It ALMOST makes me want to go back and do the dances again!! (notice the ALMOST)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Her hair turned out gorgeous! It scary that is won't be to long and my girls will be there...ahh!