Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jackson's 2nd Birthday!!!!

So yesterday, October 3, 2009, our youngest Jackson turned 2 years old!!!! It seems like yesterday he was just born!!! We had so much fun yesterday. We went to Wheeler Farm ,thus the farm theme! We have never been there. It was so much fun for both the little ones and the older ones...well most of them....My nieces Becca and Carissa really wanted to be somewhere else, but they were such good sports staying and helping us celebrate the big day! We got to go on a wagon ride, milk the cows, feed the ducks see cute animals, go through a hay maze and pick out pumpkins! Holland LOVED milking the cows! She kept standing back in line to get another turn! Jackson loved it too..everytime he saw an animal, he would say "moo or quack" or whatever the animal said. After the farm festivites grandma went and got us chicken and salad to eat yummy!!! We had puppets that my good friend Kristy let us borrow, and we sang Old McDonald. We play duck duck goose, and the funniest part of that is seeing Michael our 6'8" son "slide" into his spot before the "goose" touched was a crack up!!! Jackson had fun with balloons and bubbles and just running free! WE then sang happy birthday to him and he made a wish and blew out his 2 candles (with a little help from all of us!) I was pretty proud of the cake I made...for all of you creative cake makers, this is not something too great to look at, but for me it was a huge accomplishment!!! :) It was a barn and sheep, pigs, and chicks...I got the idea off the internet! By the time we were done, it was dark, so we loaded in to go back to the house to open presents....he got so many cute things including tool set, books, bath crayons, a letter magnet to put on the fridge, a farm set, farm animals, a big chunky puzzle, a lace up animal set.....lots of fun things for such a cute little boy!!! I wanted to list some things I love about Jackson!
1. his kisses and hugs
2. his cute smile!
3. his blue eyes (reminds me of my daddy's)
4. the way he talks out of the side of his mouth
5. his boundless energy (unless it is 2:00 a.m. and I'm trying to get sleep!!)
6. the way he runs to me and says mommy when I come home from work!
7. how he hugs and kisses holland
8. how he says all our names
9. how he says his abc's
10. when he cuddles up to me at night
11. the way he folds his arms and says prayers
12. the way he brushes his cute
13. when he gets me books in bed to read to him before we go to sleep.
14. he is such a great gift God has given of His precious elect children....I'm honored to be his mom!!!!
Thanks Jackson for coming to our family! We love you!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your cute boy. I LOVE your cake. You did awesome!!

  2. I can't believe he it 2 already...Happy Birthday Jackson!!! And by the way, your cake it awesome what a great idea to go with your farm theme...I LOVE IT!!

  3. You are an Amazing mom Susan! Somehow you manage to do it all!! What a darling cake, and such a fun theme, Happy Birthday to your sweet baby boy!! :)