Sunday, November 8, 2009

Haloween 2009!

Watch out Valerie.....Cat the kitty
is gonna bite you!!!
Jackson is so into George the monkey
this is the perfect costume for him!!!

I love this costume!!!!

Don't they make the cutest monkey
and giraffe????
k....I looked like a total goof, but Thad made
a sexy han solo!!!!
So I'm so behind at blogging! Life has just been soooooo crazy this past week, but didn't want to miss posting pics of my cute kids and then of course Thad and I. We went to a party at some friends house on Halloween eve. Can I just say it was a blast!!!! We teamed up with 3 other couples and went on a scavenger hunt with a list of crazy things....Some of the highlights were Thad proposing to me in Wingers (we were princess leah and han solo), thad and the other guys asking to try on some women's clothing at walmart, Christmas caroling at a stranger's house, getting 2 complete strangers to sing ymca with us in blockbuster....just to name a few! WE have awesome friends!! Then Halloween was fun as usual...we carved the pumpkins...took the kids and val and cat trick or treating at the down town trick or treat, then Thad and Cat took the little ones around the neighborhood when it got dark. We had a ton of cute trick or treaters!!! But I have to say...sorry if I'm bias....mine were the cutest!!! :) Holland was a giraffe, Jackson was george the monkey, and Cat was a tiger. Valerie didn't really dress up but had the spirit with the halloween bow and orange. Then I took the girls and Justus and his bro to Michael Jackson's "This is It". I don't think the teenagers liked it, but I LOVED it! I really don't agree with his personal decisions, but he was an awesome pop star!!!! It brought me back to my good ole days of the 1980's!!!!


  1. They're costumes are adorable!! Did you make Holland's skirt...if you did, you did an awesome job!! I did see you out on main trick or treating. We were over by the court house...where you couldn't move! There were so many people in between us and you guys were headed the opposite way than us! I wanted to say hi but it was virtually impossible! Glad to see you guys had a fun Halloween!!

  2. Your kids are darling!! I LOVE their costumes, you are so creative!! And you and Thad are look AWESOME!! We're still counting on hanging out with you guys!!