Monday, September 7, 2009

A weekend with the family!!!!!

I always look forward to a holiday weekend because I know that I will get to sleep in an extra day and spend time with the fam! This weekend was AWESOME!!!!! It started with Friday night...I left from work and went straight to Michael and Bunny's place to help them clean and pack up as they have bought a place in Vernon. We were so grateful for Landon my nephew and his friend who came and helped Michael move the big things out....It is amazing on how many things they have collected in the short 10 months they have lived there!!!

Saturday we went with the whole fam to Lagoon...They had a special for the weekend for $22 so we took advantage and spent the day there.....WE thought it would be way crowded since it was Labor day weekend...we were wrong thank was perfect! The weather was perfect also!!!! I realized what my mom meant when she would go with us when we were young....she would say that she loved just watching us have fun! Well I still love to go on the rides, but I really couldn't go on many of the "big" rides because of the kiddies, but I had soooooo much fun riding with them and watching them laugh and watch their amazement at the animals on the train ride!!! I did get to "get in" my fav ride....the rocket re-entry....I love that ride!!!!! There was one scare though.....after last month losing Jackson, I have been soooo careful, well this time it was Holland we "lost" for a couple of minutes. We had just got them off the little boat ride....she ran ahead of Thad who was in front of me...when I got up to him she wasn't in front of him anymore!!! I asked where she was....he said he thought she was with me!!! I FREAKED out again and started yelling her name and looking all around me....again...parents were asking what she looked like, what she was was like being in the twilight zone of last month when Jackson went missing in the mall!!! We found her watching a dance performance!! Whew!!!!! But other than that! We had a blast!!!!

Monday we spent most of the day with Michael and Bunny at their new place in Vernon.....We still can't figure out why they don't have cold water!!!! They can get the hot water, but just a trickle of cold water!!! So the guys spent the day looking at that, and I tried to rally kiddies and help Bunny unpack her kitchen. ...We tried a reall good restaurant by Rush Valley....called Penny's.....yummy homemade burgers and fries!!! Tyler was sad that Jenn had to go back to school today, but it was fun to have her spend time with us for the weekend!...Now I just dread going back to work!!!!!! sigh......


  1. I LOVE long week-ends with family too!! It seems like they're never long enough though!! You are brave to do Lagoon, especially with little kids. The rides that I use to love as a kid, make me sick now that I'm an adult. The joys of getting older...

  2. My sis is the same way Shelly! She gets so sick now! I still love to do the rides, but rarely get to do the "adult" ones since the kiddies!!! It's all fun though!!!!