Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book of Miracles

Today in Ward Council we talked about miracles that happen all around us everyday. It reminded me of an idea Tyler got on his mission. The mission president's wife gave all the missionaries "book of miracles" notebooks and challenged them to write down the daily miracles that they experienced. It was amazing on what he told me....things that maybe we don't stop and think about as miracles! I have wanted to start of "book of miracles" ever since, but of course have procrastinated.....until now when it was brought up again! I'm really going to make an effort to think about the things that happen around me and record them in a book....I truly believe that God is a God of miracles. I'm so grateful for the miracles that I have in my life daily. I want to write a few down that I was thinking about over the weekend.
1. my car lost it's alternator last night about 2 miles from my sister's home. was late at night and I was able to turn off my lights for a minute to gain power here and there to make it to her driveway.....
2. We all woke up with great health, and the sun came up! That is a daily miracle to me!!!
3. The girls and I had an enjoyable time at Lagoon, and the rain poured about a minute after the last ride of the night....we also got on the last rocket ride before they shut it down before lightning.
4. There is a miracle growing in my daughter-in-law in the form of my grandbaby!!!
5. I was able to get away with my sis for a wonderful uplifting women's retreat....that just doesn't happen a lot for us, so just to get away together alone was awesome!

I know there were a lot more, but those are the ones that came to my mind! I have had such a bad attitude lately at work, and I hope this helps me to really be grateful that I have a job in the first place......I apologize to any of you who has had to deal with my bad attitude! I'm on a mission to do better! I always feel so much better when I'm happy!!!!

I' grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who grants me daily miracles!!!!!


  1. Such a great idea. I would love to do that as well! Thanks!!

  2. I'm coming to your work, because I can't imagine you having a bad attitude!!