Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Through the Years"

So I've been going through a lot of pictures and letters and things lately....I came up on this video that I had made in 2004 for our 4th anniversary (the 2nd time).  I just sat here and bawled like a little baby.....Just listening to the music and watching the pictures reminiscing about our lives together...Someone said the other day that we only think of the good things when someone passes away....and while Thad and I went through many trials and tribulations together, and definitely did NOT have a perfect marriage either time, there was one thing that remained constant, and that was my undying love for him.  Even during the 6 years that we were divorced, I never really stopped loving him.  I went through a few other relationships with men...and I have to say that I feel kind of bad because I just couldn't get over the only man I have ever loved.  So yes...I think that when someone passes away, the natural thing to do is focus on the good times...we all have our trials in life and things we are not proud of, but there is a reason that we don't dwell on those things.  Christ made it possible for us to to just that by His gift to us....the Atonement.  I loved Thad with all my heart...did he make me madder than heck sometimes?  YES.....and I know I made him feel the same way at times too, but the memories that I have embedded in my mind are the ones that I have and will cherish for a lifetime!  I saw a quote once that said....something like Marriage is like a garden....Cherish the flowers and pull the weeds.....I hope we can all do that not just with marriage but with all our relationships we have with each other.  I love and miss you Thad Cheatham!

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