Tuesday, July 22, 2014

dreams....postponed to another lifetime :(

                                             Thad and Susan standing in front of their new property!!!
                             We knew exactly where we were going to build our dream log home!!!
                                           a view from a flight Chris took us on
A year ago, I was packing to go to Alaska to visit Thad and check out the great state as a possibility to move our family up there.  I was so excited to be able to finally see the state that my husband had talked about for years...He LOVED it there, and was excited to see if I would too.  The minute I stepped off that airplane, I instantly fell in love!!!  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  It was after 10 P.M. and it was as light as if it were 2:00 in the afternoon!  Thad picked me up in this old bronco the one we had when we were in our early married years...Finally....we were alone to spend almost a week together!!!!  The next day I got to see the town he worked in....Palmer Alaska...the place we were going to live!!!  It was such a cute quaint little town....I got to meet some of his co-workers before we flew to Fairbanks so he could do some work...I didn't care that he had to work...we were together, and we were going to have fun!!!

                                               Thad in front of the airplane we would fly to Fairbanks
                                          I love this picture.....I always felt so safe when he was flying the airplane!
                             He should have been in the right seat :)  His boss John was scaring the life out of me!!!
                                             Mount McKinnley!!!!!!!!
                                          It seems we barely made it over this massive mountain!!!!
                      Me in the back seat...It was awesome because we could talk to each other during the flight. :)

While he worked up there, I got to go and "explore".  I fell in love with the nature walks I took during the day....It was a surreal was so peaceful and is hard to describe!!!!

                                          A super cute couple kayaking down the river....I could see Thad and I do this!
                                                            lots of wild flowers
                                          My nature walk trail...this was very close to our hotel room
                                         I felt such a peace and calm in this nature talking to me
                                        wild berries

While in Fairbanks I found out my childhood friend was up there visiting her sis!  So they came and picked me up and I had an awesome visit with Tonia catching up on old times!!!!
                                     Tonia and I go way back....she made sure she stood up for me in Kindergarten as I was crying my eyes out for my mom...she informed everyone that if they were my friends, they would come over to me right this instant :)

Thad and I went to visit the North Pole one night...We took pictures with Santa's reindeer and sat in his sleigh....It was so much fun as we sat and talked and laughed!!!!! and then drove back to a BEAUTIFUL sunset!!!!!!!  It was a perfect evening!!!!

                                          Dasher? Dancer? Prancer? Vixon? Comet? Cupid? Donner? Blitzen?
                                        with my hubby in Santa's sleigh....I love this picture.....
                                             My hot Santa
                                         Santa's house
 Thad and I loved watching the sunset and Lightning storms...when we were dating we would go to the lake and just lay on a couple of sleeping bags and watch the sun go down...This night was perfect....oh how I wish I could turn the calender back to a year ago and relive this week!

I always loved watching Thad work on those massive airplanes....I used to watch him when he was working on the Fire bombers....these airplanes were used to take gas to the villages in Alaska.....He knew more about those airplanes than just about anyone....Anyone who had the pleasure of having him work on their airplane said he was the best in the industry...I AGREE!!!!!
          I love watching Thad work on these massive machines....he knew the DC4 like the back of his hand!
Thad was the hardest working man I have known...He was such an awesome provider and so talented at so many things...I LOVE his hands...big, hard working hands....I want to give him a hug.

We went to go see the alaskan is huge!!!!  He took me to a really yummy steak restaurant....I'm not sure what happened to our pictures of these...they might be on his phone...I'll have to find them.

When we got back to Palmer, we got to eat at cute little restaurants, see where the kids were going to go to school, and even went to the ward we would be in!  The best part was finding the property we would end up buying and plan our dream of building our log home!  We have had that dream ever since I can remember....We decided that in a year we would move our family up here and build our home....we were so excited talking about it we could barely stand it! 

                                                                              Our property!!!!
                                      I love this man with all of my heart!
                                         We were like little kids planning!
                                            Our neighbor decided to stop in!!  :)
                                               The name of our street!!!!
                                         Palmer just felt like HOME>...
                                           Where the kids would go to school

His friend and co-worker flew us over glaciers.....oh my gosh...the pictures don't do these justice!!!  They were absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!
love the areal view!!!!

Our last night we went up to Kenai to visit his Cousin Camille and her hubby Sam...Sam and Thad used to be roommates in Kemmerer when Thad and I were dating...they were building their home on the lake.....the view was gorgeous, and it was so much fun visiting and catching up....IT was exciting to think that just in one year we would be living close to them!!!!

                                              view from their dining room door
                                            Sam and Camille Taylor....I love these two!!!

On the way back on Monday the car started overheating ....we were nervous we wouldn't get me back to the airport for my flight...I called the airport and asked when the next flight out to salt lake was that day..there was none....My amazing husband somehow just kept babying the car and was able to get me to the airport in the nick of time.....I hated rushing out of the car and rushing our was so sad to say goodbye...the trip was like a dream come true....We were going to finally be together.....I told myself just one year and our family would be living our dream in beautiful year I sit here remanissing about that trip a year ago to the date...I think that right now at this moment...I should be moved there....watching our house be built, waking up to the beautiful views, going for midnight walks, and sitting on the porch drinking hot chocolate with Thad while the kids are playing in the yard....

I'm so glad I didn't know last year that those dreams would get cute short...that we would never be able to move there...because in that moment in time...the dreams were a reality...I got a week of living those dreams with the man of my dreams.  I wish I was packing tonight to go back to Alaska to see Thad...instead I'm packing to to visit his grave in Wyoming.....Thad I love you.....I can imagine you building our mansion in heaven....The log home that we designed on so many restaurant napkins in the last 29 years.....I so wish we could have had that home on this earth, but I look forward to sharing that mansion with you in heaven......I can picture you working hard and preparing for us....From Here to Eternity (this was the song that we danced to at our "remarriage".)

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