Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did you think to pray?

Today I was saying a silent prayer to myself at the breakfast table. Jackson came in and as he was trying to open my eyelids, he said "Mommy, are you dead?" After trying to hurry to finish my prayer and trying to stop laughing as Holland laughed and said "No, Jackson, she is praying!" It really made me think....has Jackson EVER seen me say a personal prayer? Of course he has heard me pray at the dinner table and when we do say our family prayers, but I don't think he has ever seen me pray. It made me want to do better! Not that he will witness me saying my personal prayers a ton, but if he ever did come in on me praying, he would know what I was doing!!! Great Sunday lesson today!!!!! Now my question to all of you out there....Did you think to pray today????

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