Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm so excited!

I finally started my first blog...well it's actually my second, but my first one, I can't sign into.... I can't remember what password I used for it, so could never get in!! Today was a good day for a monday!! I actually got to work at a decent hour, hence got home at a decent hour!! We had family night...on the holy was kind of frustrating to say the least, but after the kids and I played candy land....then cleaned up and bathed the kiddies.....Jackson said my ball when Holland took the ball from him...he is starting to talk more! wha hoo!! I love how when you ask him a question, and his answer is yes, he says "up" is so dang cute...when the answer is no, he shakes his head no! He is the pickiest eater I have had so far...he could live on gogurt, cheese and bread!!! It is so funny to watch this blue eyed, blonde hair boy grow.....I just love being a mom!!! IT is by far my greatest calling on this earth!!! I just wish I could be better at it!!! Someday, I hope to master it!!

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  1. Your a great mom :) I'm so glad you started a blog!!!! I love that I can read all about your family since I don't get to see you much anymore!! Picky eater??? Wow I wish I could get mine to eat more than bacon & pretezels haha!